Monday, April 18, 2011


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I was so impressed that they streamed Coachella live on YouTube this year, what a smart move. I was able to catch The National, Ellie Goulding, Ratatat and Mumford & Sons from 3000 miles away while studying for finals.
I usually look forward to Coachella every year because it's a guaranteed mecca for fashionistas, but so far I'm a little disappointed with the looks that have cropped up on the internet. It seems that all the outfits are a variation of the same trend: boho hipster chic. I actually like some of the aspects of this look but it can look really bad if you're trying to emulate it from all angles. The best example of this would be none other than Vanessa Hudgens, who is clearly still trying to shed her Disney image (as if the nudie pix weren't enough).

The feathers in her hair, that chain leg harness, that weird leather pouch with the hamsa's way too much. Avoid at all costs.
Here are some looks I didn't mind. It seems perfect to wear something sheer in that heat.
EDIT: just found some more great pics, so I added them!

I'm definitely going to be bringing shoes that cover my toes to Bonnaroo, but these sandals just look so music festival appropriate. They're also a great price for genuine leather.
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  1. i haven't stopped by your blog for a while, so i thought i'd scroll down a bit and see what's been happening. i agree with you on vanessa hudgens, why!?
    funny, this is actually the first year i've heard about coachella (i'm australian). has it been running for a while now?