Thursday, February 24, 2011

hat trick

it's amazing what the addition of a plain gray beanie can do for an outfit.

five albums that have been on replay since being home for break (i've added some of my favourite songs as well):

radiohead, the king of limbscodex
adele, 21: someone like you
ray lamontagne and the pariah dogs, god willin' & the creek don't riselike rock & roll radio
the streets, computers and blues: blip on a screen
the avett brothers, emotionalism: die die die

for some reason, i couldn't find the album version of adele's "someone like you" on youtube, but download it if you can! i love when her voice goes high during the chorus...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

hot wheels

so excited to ride a bike when the weather gets warm and the streets are slush-free. check out this beautiful bike made by electra bike, it's the amsterdam original 3i model.

however, i think all of us are still waiting for these prototypes to happen:

also saw this the other day which i thought was really cool. this designer from san francisco created the "bike shelf" which acts as a mounted shelf that your bike can hang in. storing your bike is a problem for anyone living in an apartment or cramped home, and i think this is a pretty awesome solution. your bike is essentially acting as art for your walls!

check out this film by felix urbauer...i'm not usually into watching biking videos but the editing in this film is super nice and the biking itself is pretty impressive. the song is welcome home- radical face.

one last thing...i found this picture on the sartorialist and lol'd hard. i'm thinking this picture was staged because i can't imagine olivia palermo getting sweaty on a bike, or biking in heels. also...i don't think anyone in their right mind would put that $8,000 birkin bag on the back of a bike.

Monday, February 21, 2011

eye candy

we're in the thick of fashion month; new york has just seen some incredible designs and now it's off to london! while it's fun to see all the clothes on the runway, i love this time of year because it's when street style really kicks up a notch. the ladies of course always look dressed to the nines, but i often forget about the fresh outfits the men can put forth. here are some of my fave men's looks from new york and london fashion week so far.
these dudes are really mastering the whole layered look, topped off with some scarves that i would really love to steal.
listening to: starstruck- santigold

lol...what do you think about cropped sweaters on guys: yay or nay? i think i might actually prefer this look on a girl...

pics from streetfsn and tommy ton for gq

Sunday, February 20, 2011

sunday afternoon

some things that are tickling my fancy right now (other than the fact that it's reading week and i get a week off!!):

1. currency caps
hasegawa yosuke= master of origami. just look at these awesome creations.
more here

2. fat cookies
here's something totally cute: entrepreneurs eve, kathleen and clem have started a fresh-baked cookie store right out of their apartment window in san francisco. they utilize a pulley system consisting of a brown paper bag and string to deliver fresh baked "fat cookies" to people on the street. not only do the cookies look delicious, but they are only $1!

more info here

3. midget & giant
ryuji nakamura made this adorable webcam addition that makes you feel like godzilla.

from here

4. casey abrams
i've started watching american idol for the first time since kelly clarkson's season, mainly because i wanted to see how steven tyler and j.lo would judge (turns out they are the best thing to happen to this show in a long time). the one stand-out contestant so far for me is casey abrams. after seeing this performance during the last episode of hollywood week, i think it's safe to say that i have a full-blown crush on him.

and let's not forget his amazing audition...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

invisibility cloak

check out this cool "camouflage art" by liu bolin. he paints on himself (with the help of two assistants) and then positions himself for hours until he blends into the background perfectly. he must have infinite patience...but it's worth it because the pictures look incredible!
listening to: i would be sad- the avett brothers

more pics here

Monday, February 14, 2011

cupid's arrow

happy valentine's day everyone!! hope you're spending it with your loved ones.
listening to: heartbeats- jose gonzalez

Sunday, February 13, 2011

something new

fashion week has started in new york and i am still buried deep in midterms...
i saw these pics from alexander wang's show and was really surprised at the ingenuity. i've never been a die-hard alexander wang fan like everyone else, but i think some of his designs in this collection were really unique.
listening to: radio protector- 65daysofstatic
some of my faves:
am loving the knit-to-leather/silk transition, i've never seen anything like it before! it's like...ombré fabric.

these ripped skirts may look like medusa's crazy locks, but they are equally mesmerizing...and probably just as fatal if they get caught in your heel (even though it's medusa's eyes that kill you...maybe this was a bad analogy)

pockets within zippered pockets! i love the neon fabric in the jackets too.

all pics from style

Thursday, February 10, 2011

decade confusion

recently, i've been looking at old scans of vogue (way back to the supermodel era of the 1990s) before bed. it's incredible to see how fashion has changed, and in some ways, stayed exactly the same. each row has one pic from the 90s, and one pic from the 10s. time to test your skillz: which decade is each pic from?
listening to: crave you (feat. giselle)- flight facilities

ANSWERS 1. L: 90s, R: 10s, 2. L: 10s, R: 90s, 3. L: 10s, R: 90s, 4. L: 90s, R: 10s