Monday, November 22, 2010

bust a move

how do you guys dance when no one is watching? you obviously do it, we all do. i went on a trip to b.c. when i was in grade 7 and was billeted at someone's house along with another girl in my group. around 9:30 pm, she excused herself and went into an empty room of the house and proceeded to blast music and dance her toes off for half an hour. when i asked her about it later, she said it was her daily exercise. HOW BRILLIANT and how fun...
found this video today that made me laugh. forward to 5:08 for the good stuff:

if you guys don't know the swedish band 'little dragon', go listen to their stuff NOW. the lead singer, yukimi nagano has a haunting voice and i just discovered, is an AWESOME dancer! here's a live performance of one of my all-time favourite songs, 'blinking pigs'. i love her on-stage dancing, she just looks like a natural. forward to 0:37 to see her bust a move!

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