Tuesday, November 23, 2010

nothing to hide

i'm sure all of you girls have experienced the same embarrassing moment of reaching for something in your bag/wallet/pocket and accidentally pulling out/knocking out/flinging a stray tampon at an unsuspecting cashier/ friend's dad/professor. and to your utter horror, you find that the tampon has come out of the plastic applicator (trust me, it's even more mortifying. at least when it's still in the applicator they can't be too sure. is it a mouse from the future? your trinket usb from chinatown?). what's frustrating is that most of the time...you don't even remember putting it there! i know that i usually empty my bags of period paraphernalia once that time of the month is over, but there's always one that gets away.

which is why i think this new trend of clear bag wear is absolutely brilliant. it looks incredibly cool and you'll have the comfort of knowing that there can be nothing hiding in your see-through bag. i saw viviana volpicella's (assistant fashion editor at vogue nippon) clear prada clutch on the sartorialist a while ago and fell in love.

close up of the bag:
images from the sartorialist and jak & jil

then today, i saw a post on one of my favourite blogs, honestly...WTF, on how to make your own transparent clutch! i'm not handy with tools at all so the actual process seemed a little tricky, but the outcome is amazing!

learn how to do this DIY here

i just wanted to end with another picture of a bag on the same topic. i hope netted bags are being given the ok for public use other than the beach, because i think lowell delaney looks pretty cool with hers. 

image from hanneli

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