Tuesday, November 30, 2010

beat of your own drum

one of the things i love most about fashion is that you can have your own fun with it. everyone is 'expressing' themselves through clothes whether they realize it or not. ultimately, i don't think it's about what's considered 'fashionable' by everyone at condé nast but instead what you think looks and feels good.
listening to: if your mother only knew- rahzel

anna dello russo getting ready for the vogue paris 90th anniversary ball in a gareth pugh headpiece and emilio pucci dress. first of all, the headpiece is incredible and how genius is the platinum wig she's wearing under it? 

a pic of hanneli mustaparta, and yes, she's wearing EYELINER on her head. it may be hard to get off, but i for one have not seen anything like this before and i think it was a really bold move with her outfit.

images from 7 halos and hanneli

i also saw this on ASOS the other day:

i can't really decide whether i think it looks good, silly or if pamela love's f/w 2011 lookbook will end up having palm cuffs galore. 

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