Wednesday, December 1, 2010

something for the men

i thought i should do something on men's looks since i usually only focus on women's clothes, so today i scoured the internet for some basics that i love in a guy's closet and found some promising items that i split into four categories: tops, pants, jackets and accessories. go wild.
listening to: spanish sahara- foals

and here are some looks to inspire you...


  1. i actually love these. my boyfriend's gonna flip when i tell him to stop wearing skirts though! he just loves the freeness of a nice wrap around or cute mini lol

    seriously love these looks though. they're all amazing.

  2. lol at the last guys jeans. theyre probably cutting off his circulation as we speak...

    but ya do u think rodion could be a jcrew model?? y/y?? maybe if he gets the alpaca shawl cardigan.

  3. you only gave me two options of y/y, so i'd have to say yes!! the peeps at j.crew give rodion a warm welcome to the modelling industry!!!!!