Tuesday, February 8, 2011

spring denim

The weather in Montreal has been a real tease recently, allowing me to wear my spring jacket on one day and then reenacting scenes from 'the day after tomorrow' the next. Cannot WAIT for weather that doesn't require me to wear waterproof boots. Here are two denim trends that I'm looking forward to this spring:
listening to: rolling in the deep- adele

The great thing about this style is that you don't necessarily have to buy "cropped jeans" but you can just cuff the ones you already own. They look great light and baggy as well as dark and tight. Pair them with high heels for extra height (I love the look of the dark cropped pair with the high heeled ankle boots on the far right) or with flats for easy-going comfort!

Before the appearance of skinny jeans, it was all about flare and bootcut denim. I remember my favourite pair of jeans in grade 3 was a spectacular flared number from Old Navy with flower embroidery at the bottom (um...yah, you had them too). Not only are dark flare jeans extremely flattering on every body type, but when you wear them with heels, they can instantly make anyone under 5"5 look like Gisele Bundchen. 

Here are some great examples I found on Shopbop:


  1. So, so excited for warmer weather and yay for wearing jeans other than the skinnies that I've been wearing nonstop since they tuck neatly into my boots! I'm a little nervous about trying flared denim again but it looks really cute in the pics you posted. And the cropped 'n cuffed looks are nice too :)

  2. So excited for flared jeans :D