Sunday, February 13, 2011

something new

fashion week has started in new york and i am still buried deep in midterms...
i saw these pics from alexander wang's show and was really surprised at the ingenuity. i've never been a die-hard alexander wang fan like everyone else, but i think some of his designs in this collection were really unique.
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some of my faves:
am loving the knit-to-leather/silk transition, i've never seen anything like it before! it's like...ombré fabric.

these ripped skirts may look like medusa's crazy locks, but they are equally mesmerizing...and probably just as fatal if they get caught in your heel (even though it's medusa's eyes that kill you...maybe this was a bad analogy)

pockets within zippered pockets! i love the neon fabric in the jackets too.

all pics from style

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