Sunday, February 20, 2011

sunday afternoon

some things that are tickling my fancy right now (other than the fact that it's reading week and i get a week off!!):

1. currency caps
hasegawa yosuke= master of origami. just look at these awesome creations.
more here

2. fat cookies
here's something totally cute: entrepreneurs eve, kathleen and clem have started a fresh-baked cookie store right out of their apartment window in san francisco. they utilize a pulley system consisting of a brown paper bag and string to deliver fresh baked "fat cookies" to people on the street. not only do the cookies look delicious, but they are only $1!

more info here

3. midget & giant
ryuji nakamura made this adorable webcam addition that makes you feel like godzilla.

from here

4. casey abrams
i've started watching american idol for the first time since kelly clarkson's season, mainly because i wanted to see how steven tyler and j.lo would judge (turns out they are the best thing to happen to this show in a long time). the one stand-out contestant so far for me is casey abrams. after seeing this performance during the last episode of hollywood week, i think it's safe to say that i have a full-blown crush on him.

and let's not forget his amazing audition...