Tuesday, February 22, 2011

hot wheels

so excited to ride a bike when the weather gets warm and the streets are slush-free. check out this beautiful bike made by electra bike, it's the amsterdam original 3i model.

however, i think all of us are still waiting for these prototypes to happen:

also saw this the other day which i thought was really cool. this designer from san francisco created the "bike shelf" which acts as a mounted shelf that your bike can hang in. storing your bike is a problem for anyone living in an apartment or cramped home, and i think this is a pretty awesome solution. your bike is essentially acting as art for your walls!

check out this film by felix urbauer...i'm not usually into watching biking videos but the editing in this film is super nice and the biking itself is pretty impressive. the song is welcome home- radical face.

one last thing...i found this picture on the sartorialist and lol'd hard. i'm thinking this picture was staged because i can't imagine olivia palermo getting sweaty on a bike, or biking in heels. also...i don't think anyone in their right mind would put that $8,000 birkin bag on the back of a bike.

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