Sunday, January 30, 2011

things to try

1. chalkboard wall
i'm loving this chalkboard recipe wall. how awesome does that look in a kitchen?

2. scarf as a skirt
how genius is this? all you need is a square scarf + a belt, and voila! here are pics of sandra from 5 inch and up.

3. the new bow tie
for the fellas: i'm really liking this leather tie as a replacement for the bow tie. it looks more casual in a way.

4. the new pillow
replace your pillows with fur throws. can you say, siberian chic?

5. lockers in the house
i remember being so excited when i entered grade 7 and i finally got a locker. you can relive the memory of grade school with lockers as home decor. they keep things organized while adding an eclectic vibe. the only question is...where do you find them??
listening to: for lovers- pete doherty feat. wolfman

1 comment:

  1. amaaazingg :)
    loving the recipe board, lockers and fur throws!