Monday, January 3, 2011

all about organization

if i had the time and money, one thing i would definitely investigate is designing a new closet space. a dream closet is probably at the top of most women's decorating lists, evidence drawn from the fact that in sex and the city the movie, big asks carrie if he should get her a ring (for their engagement) and she promptly responds: "no, no....just get me a really big closet." (and boy, does he deliver. i think i heard gasps all around the theatre when he threw open those closet doors)
right now, i have one of those compact ikea fake wood closets, but (if i can pare down my wardrobe...something i've always been meaning to do) i would really love to have a single clothing rack so all my clothes are on display.
listening to: the girl and the robot- r√∂yksopp feat. robyn
here are some great closets i found:

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  1. This is a dream!
    Great inspiration!