Monday, January 10, 2011

party people

it's the perfect time of year to be hosting a party, with the new semester just beginning and midterms still in (what seems to be) the distant future. and while it might seem super easy to have a party (just create an event on facebook, buy some beer and make sure there's music), there is so much more you can do to make sure the night is memorable.
listening to: i just wanna love you (give it 2 me)- jay-z

1. decoration tips
- a polaroid wall: if you or any of your friends have a polaroid camera, borrow it for the night. have your guests pass it around, take pics throughout the night and designate a wall in the house where they can be taped and displayed.
- christmas lights: even if the holidays are long gone, christmas lights add life to any room and something about them screams "college chic". spell words out of the strands or hang them haphazardly to create a party atmosphere.
- blank canvas or stick on chalkboard: super easy to buy! have some chalk or paint handy nearby and have your guests unleash their creative side. bonus: you might gain a great new work of art to display in your apartment long after the party is over.

2. details
- good music is vital. have your most music-savvy friend create a bomb ass mix that is at least 4-5 hours, and make sure you have a good sound system (it's not a party unless you have to shout to be heard). have some crowd pleasers (i.e. anything from the 90s) mixed with some recent electronic, rock and hip hop. save the celine dion for when you're home alone on a friday night.
- go over your guest list. while you may love all your friends, try to create a mix of people that you think have things in common, have the potential to have fun together and will not cause any trouble. 
- if you decide the polaroid wall (mentioned above) is too pricey an endeavor, find your friend who's aspiring to be the next mark hunter (a.k.a the cobrasnake) and have them take pics throughout your party with their dslr (flash required). 

images from the cobrasnake

3. the grub
- make sure you have an array of hard liquors and beer and set aside an area or table where people can make their own drinks (plastic cups will be a huge help to you in the morning clean-up). make sure you have some pop and juice for your friends who don't want to drink. or you can save all this hassle and make the party b.y.o.b. if it's a fancy party, find some cocktail recipes on drinks mixer and have a friend help you prepare the drinks pre-party. 
- have some sort of finger food prepared. chips is the most popular (but also really annoying when someone drops them and then steps on them, leaving little chip explosions all over your house), but candy is also a good idea (m&m's, sour gummy worms, etc.). if you're willing to spend a little more, pizza is also a good option.

4. aftermath
apparently, as the host, you're supposed to be the first and last person your guest sees at your party. have some little goody bags prepared with things like advil, a bottle of water, gum and a red bull for the morning after. just so they can remember what a fun time they had.

happy party planning everyone, i'm expecting an invite!

even though i've never had a fancy dress party (though i'm dying to), when i came across this h&m x elin kling dress, i knew that this was the hostess dress of my dreams. high slits, graphic prints, asymmetrical sleeves, oh my! image found here.


  1. the polaroid wall thing sounds very cool! i used to have a polaroid, but now the film is so expensive :(

  2. i am having a party tonight! u r the only person im inviting, so plz at least make an appearance!!!!!!!