Saturday, January 15, 2011

kudos, LC

who knew that when lauren conrad from laguna beach and the hills started wearing a braid along her crown that it would spark a beauty frenzy around the world?
listening to: cataracts- andrew bird

we were recently hit with an onslaught of blow dry bars opening around the world (where you pay the stylists to basically...blow dry your hair) and now nine zero one bar in los angeles is opening the first ever braid bar. for a steep $25, you can recreate whatever braided look you desire (they have four options: hollywood glam, ny chic, venice hippie and around the world) without cramping your fingers. you can add a pre-braid shampoo for $15 and for the totally exorbitant reasonable price of $100, you can get a shampoo, blow dry and braid.

i'm sorry, are you serious?? i do love a great braided hairdo (a great way to mask greasy bangs or hair), but do yourselves a favour: do some finger flexing exercises, buy some hairspray, go on youtube and learn how to braid. the $25/$40/$100 is better spent on some cute clothes to go with your new hairstyle. 
here are some braided looks i love:

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