Monday, January 17, 2011

inspiration monday

what's inspiring me at the moment:

1. what's better than one fashionista? a group of fashionistas

2. good eats
i've been drooling over this hot dog and this cupcake site all day..
i've also been craving a baked potato for a while. recipe here.

3. location, location
the qasr al sarab hotel (in the liwa desert in abu dhabi) was listed among the top 45 best new hotels of 2010 in travel & leisure. apparently it's located in the "largest uninterrupted sand desert in the world". found this on honestly...WTF. looks so beautiful and peaceful..

4. mark leibowitz
he took pictures backstage at john galliano, all in a single shot using long exposures. the outcome? a photographic acid trip.

images from trendland

5. sex and the ivy
this now infamous blog written by 23-year-old harvard graduate lena chen had me reading all night. she's been touted the "ivy league carrie bradshaw"; her posts depict detailed accounts of her sexual trysts at harvard. her writing is honest, raw and at times, beautiful. she was also featured in this month's marie claire article, "what's your number?" where she revealed that her number of sexual partners is 30. check it out here

image from o2maxfitness

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