Thursday, January 6, 2011

looking bad has never looked so good

while my last post was about how someone can look really good when they're all 'put together', today i'm going to explore the opposite side of the spectrum. for some reason, i love seeing a girl in ripped clothes, messy hair and hats/boots/knit purses that have seen better days. whether they're trying really hard to look like they just rolled out of a dumpster or they truly just don't care, i always look twice. you can convey your inner bad girl with:
-anything slouchy. slouchy pants (that reveal your slouchy underwear...bonus points if you're wearing mens' calvin kleins), slouchy sweaters, slouchy hats
-anything ripped. if it's not already ripped, rip it. if it's already ripped, rip it more. also, master the art of shredding shirts.
-throw away your hair and beauty products, except for your eyeliner. you can use it to create a fake black eye (really tough), or you can just work the smoky eye.
-if you want to keep your femininity, pile on lots of costume jewelry.
your icons: effy stonem (from tv show skins), rumi neely and THE QUEEN: erin wasson
listening to: diet mountain dew- lana del rey

more pics inside

images from google images and fashion toast


  1. I dislike it when people rip clothes...I think its ridiculous and wasteful! Though if it's already ripped, ripping it more (altering it, basically) seems fine.