Sunday, December 12, 2010

eat like a nomad

british set designer tony hornecker is behind the brilliant idea of the pale blue door, which is being called 'half vagabond restaurant, half art installation'. with exhibitions in london, santiago, buenos aires, glastonbury, and most recently, berlin, the concept has been a huge hit. the actual pale blue door that travels with them to each city is the door to tony's home in london. basically, tony and his team scavenge the streets of their current location for scraps to build the restaurant. the result? something magical that's both ethereal and childish. for 25 euros each, the customers will get a simple meal of a salad starter, roast beef served with potatoes and greens and a fruit crumble for dessert. and if that's too plain for you, the guests are serenaded by drag queen entertainment throughout their meals! they are set to do a tour of south america next year, driving from chile to columbia so if you're lucky enough to cross paths with this ridiculously neat experiment, please check it out!
go to tony hornecker's blog for upcoming dinners and dates.

the pale blue door in berlin

see the rest of the pics here
pics and info from tony hornecker and this reuters article

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