Sunday, December 5, 2010

give me her closet

one of my biggest guilty pleasures since coming to university is watching tv while i eat. it's so relaxing and you can put your brain on auto-pilot while you satisfy your craving for pizza. come finals, i'll often re-visit my favourite shows that will cheer me up amidst the sea of textbooks, notecards and pens. for me, sex and the city is truly a show that i will never tire of. each 30 minute episode manages to juggle humor, relationships and incredible fashion. and speaking of the fashion...

carrie bradshaw, played by sarah jessica parker, is definitely my favourite style icon on tv. her outfits are always so unpredictable! honestly, nothing can look bad on her.

and when the movie came out...! i don't think i've seen better styling, ever. the first time i saw it, i remember my mouth hanging open in every scene. everything that is worn in that movie is perfect. here are some of my favourites:

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