Saturday, December 11, 2010

it takes two

hollywood: the land of the beautiful, the talented and the stylish. it's only natural that they would pair up, isn't it? here's a list of some of my favourite well-dressed couples.
listening to: dark matter- the ghost of a saber tooth tiger

1. diane kruger and joshua jackson
ever since these two got together, diane has been working her magic on josh's closet. these lovebirds always look relaxed and casual when seen in public together, yet they totally know how to glam it up when it comes to the red carpet.

2. garance doré and scott schuman
with each of them having very successful fashion photo blogs, it's only natural that they met over taking the same picture. garance's chic parisian style mixed with scott's love of overcoats and wingtips make a match made in fashion heaven. 

3. kate bosworth & alexander skarsgård
i'm not even sure if these two are still together, but they make such a cute summer couple. kate's coachella outfits were perfect and alex's neutral coloured palette matched anything she chose to wear. what a gentleman.

4. charlotte kemp muhl & sean lennon
she's a model, actress and singer and he's the only child of john lennon and yoko ono. is that enough? if not, check out their current musical project, the ghost of a saber tooth tiger. i've been listening to it all afternoon!

5. ashley olsen & justin bartha
i think she is pretty much on everyone's list of best-dressed celebs. but who knew that she had a stylish counterpart (and no, we're not talking about mary-kate)?? justin's rugged style of plaid shirts and beaten up jeans meshes perfectly with ashley's sophisticated girliness.

all images from google images

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