Wednesday, December 8, 2010


i was in the mood to try some new dishes today, and i had heard such good things about the avocado toast served at café gitane in nyc, so i did a quick trip to provigo and got my supplies. i also figured that i would want to eat something sweet after, so i got the ingredients to make these russian tea cakes (recipe here). here are the results!
listening to: north- phoenix

sea salt & rosemary focaccia topped with avocado, lemon, olive oil and red chili flakes

russian tea cakes with toasted pecans and coated with cinnamon icing sugar

and here's a picture of something i made last week:

steamed pork dumplings topped with spicy peanut butter sauce and green onions


  1. so yummy in my tummy!

  2. i am very proud of my baby. bring some over to 3699. actually don't. i just ate a chocolate bar.

    no, do. it's almost that time of the month and im craving tha sweetie.

  3. are those the pre-made dumplings that you just have to put in boiling water? they are dee-lish!

  4. i want some, but not the pork dumplings, cus i dont eat pork.

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