Friday, December 10, 2010

real kids never grow up

let's face it, we don't stay young forever and for most people, forgetting their childhood and all of its accompanying mortifications is what they wish for everyday at 11:11. nobody looks back fondly on the day their winter snot drooled onto their neckwarmer as their playground crush watched open-mouthed or when their lunch of leftover shepherd's pie got stuck in their braces years later (in front of same playground you never catch a break??). i admit there are a lot of things about my childhood that i would never want to re-live but i sometimes forget about all of the great stuff that should totally rule out those embarrassing moments. i've recently rediscovered some favourite things from my youth that made me realize i can still be a kid again without having to build a time machine (which, from what i've heard, takes a lot of effort).

1. crafts
who didn't love arts & crafts in elementary school? you always got to make molds of your fingertips with elmer's glue when your teacher wasn't looking and you got to bring home a creation that only your parents would call 'amazing'. even though i didn't turn out to know, a professional crafter (does that exist?), i can revisit the magical time of 'arts & crafts' with amy sedaris's new book, 'simple times: crafts for poor people'. a wildly funny collection of low-budget crafts, you're bound to find something easy and hilarious to make that will impress your friends, such as a 'milk carton skid row' or 'tampon ghost'.

2. bright & loud watches
i don't know many people that weren't swept up by the baby-g craze back in the 90s. these chunky, plastic digital watch wonders were all the rage and i remember begging my parents to let me get one. i think the main appeal of them was the wide range of colours that were easy to identify; i would look on jealously as my classmates wore their bright, thick watches underneath their sleeves (even though it made their left wrist looks disproportionately large to the rest of their body, it still looked pretty darn good). now that i'm older and i have my own credit card, i can finally purchase whatever watch i desire, and luckily for me, bright watches are back in style! they've been spotted everywhere from my campus to paris fashion week. plus, i've finally learned how to read an analog clock!

watch by oasis

3. board games
back in the day, my idea of a rip-roarin' friday night was breaking out monopoly and winning boardwalk or park avenue. why in the world did that change? i had forgotten how fun these games were until, a couple weeks ago, my friend molly brought over apples to apples and we had a blast playing it all night. whether you play them sober or convert them into drinking games, please go to your closets, dust off your board games and invite people over for a memorable night. 

although this is not a real list item, take a minute to laugh at this....
remember teva sandals? i know you owned at least one pair of these quintessential summer kicks. well i guess the people over at teva are riding the same brain wave as me tonight because they recently launched teva stilettos. i'm 100% serious. check these babies out. the weird thing is, from a distance i could mistake it for aldo's latest shoe in a funky graphic print. i wonder if they're mountain hiking friendly?

last thing: i saw pics from the allsaints children look book on the senses five and was blown away. these are the best-dressed kids i've ever seen. is it weird that i'm coveting a little girl's coat?

images in this post from amazonstyleasosbest gamestrail journalsrefinery 29 and allsaints


  1. It disappoints me that all those kids have the apathetic "model face" going on...:(

    Those bright watches are pretty sick though!

  2. damn, that coat is gorgeous. i wouldn't mind any of their boots either!